The pace of browser releases is on the up. This week saw the release of Firefox 5 which seems ridiculously quick follow up to Firefox 4. Also Microsoft have IE10 available to test drive. With Google releasing a new version of Chrome every six weeks we are possibly now on version 42.6 for all I know … things are certainly getting frantic. We apparently will have a Firefox 6 by September.

Phew, exciting stuff for HTML5 and CSS3 fans. But can’t help thinking that this will lead to an upgrade divide between the upgrade rich and upgrade poor. The upgrade poor divide into the ‘undeserving poor’ who can’t be bothered or perhaps more generously don’t know how to upgrade. And then we have the ‘deserving poor’, those poor souls on managed desktops who just can’t upgrade, even though they would dearly love too.

All this makes me even more excited about Chrome-Books. Automatic upgrades, free from all that upgrade hassle that is causing The Great Upgrade Divide. And lovely support for HTML5 goodies too.

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