Always fun to see what Auntie Beeb will come up with their redesigns. The Beta site makes use of jQuery to place a very large carousel in what is a very boxy design. They have gone for a 976px width for the main content but no responsive design.

The Beeb Luuuve the iPad

They luuuve the iPad at the BBC.  My new favourite game is count the number of iPads you can spot during Spooks.  So we can reasonably expect a good experience for the new design on the lauded tablet, and apart from the carousel been a bit clunky the layout itself is very iPad friendly.

Landscape on the iPad the fold appears just below the carousel.

BBC landscape on iPad

Whilst in portrait mode the front page fits perfectly displaying the second tier of content.

BBC Portrait on iPad

No New Shiny Toys

But what no rounded corners! Not very CSS3 …. and it uses XHTML strict. Very noughies.

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