20/20 CSS

Lets add 20 CSS properties to match our 20 HTML elements.  I would suggest the following top 20. Be warned, knowing what these are capable of doing is only part of the CSS story. You need to grasp the concept of selectors and storage.

  1. color
  2. font-family
  3. font-size
  4. font-weight
  5. font-style
  6. text-align
  7. text-decoration
  8. text-indent
  9. line-height
  10. background-color
  11. background-image
  12. border
  13. padding
  14. margin
  15. width
  16. height
  17. display
  18. float
  19. clear
  20. overflow

I think that little lot will get you quite a way into the wonderful world of CSS. (Bit of a cheat but I have sneaked in background-attachment, background-position and background-repeat with background-image as they are all related).

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