Okay so it may not come cheap, but if you have access to Adobe Dreamweaver for your web design/development then here are some tips and tricks to get started. Dreamweaver is increasingly becoming a developer centric tool with some very nice code hinting tools rather than the WYSIWYG tool that it aimed to be in the early days. However, it is a decent enough tool for newbies with the caveat that there is always an assumption that you know the lingo – HTML, CSS, FTP, URL and the like.

Tip: You may find it useful to glance through these Ten Technie Terms before you dig deeper

“I don’t want to send her to a zoo. I want to set her free”

One thing to remember is, like Elsa the Lioness, the web was ‘born free’. HTML, CSS and Javascript are all open source technologies for anyone to use. Dreamweaver is just a tool to help you write them.

If you want to use other, open source free tools, then plenty are available. Notepad++ is a good place to start and is a sound HTML and CSS editor with built-in FTP.

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